About Me

My name is Keith and thanks for dropping by Ready Trek Go! Go grab yourself a cold drink and enjoy the corner of the internet where I run through all sorts of things – from Australia’s best camp spots to reviews of 4×4 products to camp meals you will salivate over. I will share with you all my adventures, experiences, opinions and the evolution of my ’09 Hilux.

I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney to parents who were perplexed as to why I would sleep in a tent when there were perfectly good “houses” to stay in. No one in my family was particularly fond of camping nor could they name a component inside an engine bay. I had to make my own adventure, teach myself and meet likeminded people.

I eventually twisted my own arm to step into the 4×4 world about bought a Jeep, yep he bought a Jeep. A couple rock steps, dings and bog holes later, I decided I was over rock crawling and would get into touring. Whilst a nice Cruiser was not within my budget, I pulled the trigger on a Hilux. It had the reliability, space, and a modest amount of power for me to build a tourer.

It is from here that I left my job, bought a camper trailer, and travelled around Australia with my dog Dallas. This is where I was in my element – camping every night, exploring, meeting new people. It was fantastic. I had never driven beyond the east coast, so it was amazing to see such beautiful places west of the big smoke.

Although my trip had ended, my passion and drive for outdoors did not. I now spend countless hours reading about 4×4 products, getting ideas from Facebook Groups, and my desk is littered with drawings of mods to my set up. It is these knowledge gems that I want to share with you. They are simple, affordable, and usable bits of information.

Oh yeah, there is one last thing that gets my engine revving, and that is “saving a buck.”  You will also see deals on here in hopes you will save and sink that money into another project.

Now that’s enough about me, if you want to say g’day, shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

The adventure awaits,