AEG 18v Chainsaw Review

After having the AEG 18v Chainsaw for over six months, I can safely say it now has a permanent place in my shed and onboard the Hilux on our camping trips. The development into cordless chainsaws has filled a gap in the market between having to decide between slogging away with a hand saw or overcompensating with a 2-stroke chainsaw. Whilst both also have their place, the AEG 18v Chainsaw has proven itself somewhere in between and worthy for most jobs; displaying a robust but simple design that gets the job done.

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AEG is known for its solid brushless motor technology and high-quality power tools, so it’s no surprise that they’ve produced a powerful contender in the cordless chainsaw market. AEG credits their success to 3 core technologies that help drive their tools: relentless power, unstoppable runtime, and instinctive electronics. 

AEG tools are equipped with CORETEK Intelligent Electronics which constantly monitors the tools performance and communication between the PRO Li-ion battery pack and the motor to deliver constant speed and power.

Retailing for approximately $319 for the skin or $399 for the battery combo, you’ll find it’s very well priced against its competitors. In the standard skin only kit, you will find the chainsaw itself, a saw blade cover and a neat little tool attached to the base of the chainsaw. In the battery combo, you’ll get the skin and a 6.0Ah and charger. It’s worth remembering on your way out of the hardware store to pick up some bar oil – you’ll need to top this up too!

The greatest thing about purchasing the AEG 18v Chainsaw is if you’re an existing member of the AEG power tool family, then you will have an arsenal of batteries and chargers on hand to power you through pruning chores. You can say goodbye to the puff of the 2-stroke motor or the sore arm from attempting to saw by hand.

Constructed of a combination of a plastic, steel and alloy components, the AEG 18v Chainsaw weighs only 3.3kg, compared  to other 12” cordless chainsaws on the market which can weigh anything between 3.2kg (Ryobi 18V ONE+ 12” Brushless Chainsaw) up to a 5.4kg (Victa 82V 18″ Chainsaw Console).

So now that I’ve got some of the technical information out of the way, you still might have some burning questions. 

What can you cut with the AEG 18v Chainsaw?

Classified as a handyman (or around the home) chainsaw, the AEG 18v Chainsaw is best suited for soft, dried, or otherwise malleable woods. In my experience with the chainsaw, I was able to cut trunks and branches to a diameter of up to 150mm but feathered through the cut as not to work the brushless motor too hard.

If you’re looking for something to clear tracks and fell fallen hardwood gums, then this probably isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. The 18v AEG chainsaw works well for firewood collection and the sawing of small to medium sized branches. Equally, when performing jobs around the home, you should have no issues cutting branches, limbs, and trees in your yard. 

How long will the 18v AEG Chainsaw last on one battery?

This question is a lot like the age old “how long is a piece of string?” as it depends on a lot of factors such as thickness of the wood, how many cuts you’re making and the size of the battery you are using. 

Assuming you’re using the 6.0Ah battery from the battery combo, you’re likely to see about 30-60 mins of cutting. I used the AEG 18v Chainsaw both around the yard and out collecting firewood whilst camping and found a single 6.0Ah battery adequate for home yard work, whilst a spare/charger ideal for cutting thicker wood for fires.

If you already own a set of AEG power tools, then having a couple batteries on hand won’t be an issue. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a spare battery lying around, the 6.0Ah battery takes up to 90 minutes to charge – that’s a tea break!

How safe is the 18v AEG Chainsaw?

The chainsaw comes with a great safety design where the user must first initiate the safety lock using the guard and hold the safety switch and trigger at the same time. Although this might seem like a lot to execute at once, I found it simple and great for avoiding severed limbs. There is also a manual chain brake for safety.

Is the 18v AEG Chainsaw worth the money?

In short, yes. Even more so if you have existing battery packs on hand to juice up your sawing duties. The 18v AEG Chainsaw will drastically speed up your pruning and yard chores, whilst being an adequate addition to 4wd and camping trips.

Should I get the 58v AEG Chainsaw instead?

The major difference in the 58v Chainsaw is the impressive performance figures of 21m/sec chain speed teamed with a 16″ Bar whereas the 18v has a 12″ Bar with 10.5 m/sec chain speed. Some other things to consider are size/weight and the cost:

 18V Brushless Chainsaw Skin Only58V Brushless Chainsaw – Skin Only
Model NumberACS18BACS58B200
MaterialPlastic, Steel, AlloyPlastic, Steel, Alloy
Battery Type RequiredAEG 12V Lithium IonAEG 58V Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage (volts)1858
Chain size (mm)300400
Speed10.5 m/sec21 m/sec
Cost$319 ($399 with battery)$359 ($660 with battery)

You will need to ask yourself the question of what you are planning to cut. If you’re looking to cut much harder woods, thicker trunks or need to clear the Amazon forest, then you may want the 58v AEG Chainsaw OR consider a petrol chainsaw like a Stihl. 

However, if you’re not looking to become a lumberjack, then the 18v AEG Chainsaw is adequate for most tasks.

What are some benefits of the AEG 18v Chainsaw?

  • No petrol to lug around or messing with 2 stroke oils
  • No smoke billowing out of the motor 
  • Less noise, very suitable for camping and maintaining the peace at campsites
  • Battery compatible with all your tools
  • Lightweight
  • Fast recharge time
  • Tough design and proven brushless technology 


Previously when out camping, I often had to collect scraps of other campers charred wood or collect what branches we could chop and carry. Now, with the 18v AEG Chainsaw I’m able to easily collect adequate fuel to burn for the weekend and I can cut confidently without disturbing the peace amongst our fellow campers.

I had originally purchased the 18v AEG Chainsaw to make light work of the yard, but now see the saw as an asset on camping trips. Something else to consider is the key to any chainsaw’s performance is a sharp chain, so keep that in tight order and you’ll be alright.

The key points that call this a win:

  1. The chainsaw is lightweight and portable – it won’t take too much room in your 4wd and stores nicely away in your shed.
  2. Runs on lithium ion batteries, so there is no fuel to carry or 2-stroke to worry about
  3. Very quiet
  4. Fast recharge of battery

Overall, the 18v AEG Chainsaw gives you the cutting power of a regular petrol chainsaw whilst being very usable, stable, and reliable. Say goodbye to the hand saw days because if you’re thinking about buying one of these, you won’t be disappointed. You don’t have to entirely take our word for it, you can see some of the reviews speak for themselves at Product Review:

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