All about the 30 Second Awning, is it really that easy?

If you want an awning with hassle-free setup, a large shade footprint, and awesome build quality, look no further than the 30 Second Awning. I have had my 30 Second Awning for over 3 years and it has been one of the greatest investments to my camping set up to date. I can pull up anywhere and have a shady spot at the same time it takes to crack open a beer.

Sure, the price is a little steep at over $1000, but as I said, this is an investment into a quality product that solves the problem of shade, protection and set up speed. No longer will you be fumbling the poles of your awning, snapping components, or spending 5+ minutes and a couple of f-bombs while setting up a regular awning in the wind.

Easily set the 30 Second Awning in the same time it takes to crack open a beer!

With around 12 square metres of area undercover and no poles, you will find the 30 Second Awning is a great way to cover all communal parts of your vehicle from the side to rear.

Manufacturer:30 Second Wing Awning
Model:30 Second Wing Awning
Style:Foxwing, batwing, 270 degrees poleless awning

Size & Weight

The 30 Second Awning is not a lightweight or compact solution. Coming in at a weight of 27kg and measuring 2.7m in length, you may need an extra set of arms to help install the awning, but once set up it will be a breeze to use.

It is the combination of aluminium structure and thick 280gsm canvas that makes up the weight and size of the awning. In order to get a strong, windproof, shady solution, the team needed to use durable heavy-duty materials.

You will need to ensure that the roof racks system you have in place is adequate to support the weight along with whatever other accessories you intent to mount on the roof.

However, you get a tonne of space and options to enclose the area with walls.

Closed Dimensions:2.7m x 0.25m
Open Floor Space:12m square
Photo Credit – 30 Second Wing Awning


The 30 Second Awning is made up of 4 main components: the frame, the awning itself, the poles and the bag.

The frame is made from a high quality and durable aluminum that allows it to be opened with no poles and be set up in windy conditions. If you need the extra support, extra aluminium poles are available and it does come with a swing down pole that is attached the frame.

The 12 square meters of shade is provided by the 280gsm Ripblock Canvas. This same canvas also makes up the optional walls that can be purchased along with the awning. The thick canvas provides protection from the sun and rain and is both water and rot proof.

To protect the awning when not in use, a thick PVC waterproof bag completes the setup. My 30 Second Awning has seen a lap around Australia and 3 years of harsh sun and it is still looking great. The bag comes with two zippers, so you do have the ability to padlock it to stop people opening it while parked.

Canvas:280gsm Ripblock Canvas
Structure & Poles:Aluminum


The 30 Second Awnings greatest feature is its set up speed. It can be fully set up in 30 seconds flat, a beer in hand on completion. The quick set up time is thanks to the aluminium frame and its ability to be set up with no poles. You will have 12 square meters of uninterrupted and poleless space.

As for extra features, it comes with the usual pegs, guy ropes, and extra poles. There is a pole built into one of the arms that can be dropped down and set up if extra support is required. The perimeter of the awning has a zipper which allows you to attach the optional walls and create an enclosed space.

Enclosing the awning and creating a private space is a great way to create an extra room, block the sun or create a barrier between you and your neighbour!

Set up speed:30 Seconds!!
Other:Pegs and guy ropes
Walls:Yes, an optional extra, fully enclosed

Is the 30 Second Awning any good, and is it worth the money?

Yes, the 30 Second Awning is worth the hype. Because the awning is so quick to set up and provides plenty of shade, you are more likely to set it up at any given chance. A typical awning may take 5 minutes to set up and pack up, so it might be that small reason why you might not use it.

If money is a major concern and the $1,000 price tag of the 30 Second Awning is too high, a regular 4WD awning will do just fine.

However, the perks of the 30 Second Awning mean you are more likely to use it and get better value for your money. It is also worth mentioning that in order to get the same area of cover, you will need to buy 2 awnings which would cost you roughly ~$300+ anyway. Save the extra money and buy something that will last.

Another valuable benefit is because you can use the awning without poles, you can quickly and easily move your shade as the sun shifts. No more packing it up to turn the vehicle!

Does the awning really set up in 30 seconds?

Yes. The process is as simple as opening the bag, detaching 3 velcro straps, stretching out the awning, lifting up the topper, and anchoring it!

What accessories does it come with?

The great thing about the 30 Second Awning is that you can buy a number of accessories to further improve your camping experience.

  • Awning Walla
  • Dome Tent
  • LED Strip Light
  • Extra Poles

How long does it take to set up the extra walls?

It will take approximately 5 minutes to set up the extra walls and complete the enclosed area of the 30 Second Awning. The process involves zipping the walls along with the awning system, velcro strapping the sides to the poles, and pegging down where necessary. It is worth noting that due to the weight of the walls, you will need to place all the poles down to provide added support to the structure.

How is the 30 Second Awning in wind and rain?

The aluminium construction of the 30 Second Awning provides a strong and sturdy awning that allows you to enjoy the poleless awning in a strong breeze or steady wind. When the wind picks up ~10 knots, its time to add those extra poles and the guy ropes.

However, do not throw caution into the wind! If you start to notice the awning catching in the wind or varying speeds, then it may time to be safe rather than sorry. You will notice the aluminium poles starting to move up and down on the swing point which can be a sign to pack it up.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal discretion when to safely pack it away.

Hot Tip: If you are concerned about the wind, face your vehicle into the wind as this creates down pressure on the awning

What about the negative reviews?

If you jump onto here, you will see a couple of negative reviews about the 30 Second Awning. Specifically, how the awning was caught in the wind and buckled under the load.

One of the reviewers, Glenno, mentions that “packing it away after a great day at the beach, a gust of wind on a day with 20 to 26 knot winds took it and flipped it over the vehicle like it was made of plastic.”

Whilst another, George, expressed disappointment when both the awning and vehicle were damaged by “10-knot winds – the ropes snapped and it all split apart like a tin can.”

Whilst the 30 Second Awning is quite strong with the aluminium tube frames, it is not bulletproof when it comes to mother nature. Personally, I am always over-cautious when it comes to wind and will more likely pack it up. When packing it up in strong winds, hold the canvas edges down, preventing it from catching in the wind like a sail! (even better, have a friend help)

Strong winds to bend the steel mounting brackets. Photo Credit – ProductReview


I have had both the cheap and the more expensive 30 Second Awning, and I can easily say I do not regret the upgrade. It is so much quicker and easier to set up, gives me lots of shade out of the elements, and has weathered the conditions perfectly.

I took the 30 Second Awning around Australia and the instant shade is a godsend. There will be many times where you pull up in 40-degree sun with not many trees in sight. You can quickly open the awning and have a cold beer to cool off. If that is not a good enough sell, I do not know what is!!

The build quality is exceptional and I have not had any issues with breaking components, rips in canvas or malfunctions of any sort. The awning has seen a lot rain and sun, neither the PVC bag or awning itself has show much signs of wear & tear.

A word of warning is your overall vehicle height will be increased. I have to remove the awning when not camping to ensure I meet the 2.1m height restriction of many shopping car parks (boo!). This is not so bad as I have some channel nuts that I quickly fasten up the day before a trip.

Another criticism is the pooling of water during the rain. Although the 30 Second Awning has an aluminium leg that folds up to create a “peak”, I have found a small sag in some areas where rain water can pool. Unfortunately, I have not put much thought into a DIY fix for this (like pool noodles for gazeboes), but will update this if I resolve the issue.

> Shade Rating: 9/10

> Affordability: 7.5/10

> Build Quality: 9/10

> Overall: 8.5/10

Fast set up speed
Can be set up with no poles!
Does come with poles if windy
Strong aluminium frame
Thick canvas
Covers a large area (12m square)
Great build quality
Not cheap – its an investment
Rides high (bracket can be flipped but might obstruct door)

Check out 30 Second Wing Awning for more information about their products, and to find your nearest dealer today! <

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