Australia’s Best Roof Top Tents 2022

The rooftop tent market in Australia is booming! You have no shortage of options to choose from, regardless of your budget or needs.

I checked out the top contenders and rated them based on cost, quality, post-sales support, comfort and take into account real customer feedback.

Why do these attributes matter?

  • Cost: You only have a finite budget. Getting the best bang for your buck is important. I look at the cost relative to what you get.
  • Quality: When you are paying upwards of 1k on many of these tents, you want the best. You do not want to be paying for repairs down the track or paying for extras on top of the tent to make it “comfortable”.
  • Post-sales Support: If things happen, you want to be sure the manufacturer is on your side and stands by their product. I look at the warranties + their reputation on how they handle issues.
  • Comfort: No way do you want to pay this much for a glorified swag. I look at the comfort factor that takes into account materials used, mattress, ease of use and more.
  • Feedback: I listen to the community about what is working and what is not.

Do you have feedback about a tent? Leave us your opinion via our online feedback form here!

Top 10 Soft Shell Roof Top Tents of 2021

Soft shell RTT’s are a great (and comfortable) alternative to lugging around a tent or swag. You will get a comfortable, elevated sleep and the whole process should be a breeze to set up and take down.

Lets check our the rankings.

RankBrand/ModelSize (Open)MaterialsComfortCostRating
123Zero Stealth 1400 240L x 143W x 125H280gsm 65/35 poly cotton tear check canvas with LST coating9/10$16009/10
2Howling Moon Stargazer240L x 140W x 120H380gsm Canvas9/10$25258/10
3Howling Moon Tourer240L x 140W x 120H380gsm Canvas9/10$23758/10
4Darche Panorama 1400240L x 140W x 125H320gsm ripstop polycotton canvas8/10$20808/10
5Dune 4WD Nomad200L x 140W x 120H210D Ripstop Polycotton
PU 3000mm with silver coating
6Yakima Skyrise HD 243L x 142W x 122H600 D Ripstop polyester8/10$19997/10
7ARB Simpson III240L x 140W x 130HPolycotton Ripstop canvas7/10$19227/10
8Front Runner RTT333L x 229W x 133H260g poly-cotton ripstop7/10$15307/10
9Adventure Kings310L x 145W x 134H320gsm Polycotton Ripstop canvas7/10$7996.5/10
10TJM Yulara 240L x 140W x 130H420D polyester ripstop canvas7/10$13996.5/10

Top 10 Hard Shell Roof Top Tents of 2021

Hard shells fall into a whole new league. There are extra accessories and benefits you get when you start looking into the hard shell market. You can now load things on to the roof, along the sides or mod them to be more comfortable than a regular soft shell RTT.

Lets check out the rankings.

RankBrand/ModelSize (Closed)MaterialsComfortCostRating
1Bush Company Black Series225L x 140W x 25HWelded 2mm aluminium + Heavy-duty 460g ripstop9/10$42509/10
2Alu Cab Gen 3 Expedition230L x 140W x 28HWelded 2mm aluminium+ Dual-layer canvas9/10$56009/10
3Motop MT135 V4 Plus225L x 143W x 20HHoneycomb Aluminium + 280GSM Poly-cotton canvas7.5/10$37998/10
4Bundutec Bundutop210L X 135W X 30HFull aluminium shell + Riptech canvas10/10$54908/10
5Camp King Industries230L x 145W x 25H5005-grade Aluminium + Wax Convertor Coolabah Tear Stop Canvas10/10$69708/10
6Boss Aluminium RT1230L x 145W x 270HAluminium + Wax Converters Coolabah Dynaproofed canvas10/10$67508/10
7James Baroud Evasion Evolution198L X 140W X ?HFibreglass fortified polyester + 6x Canvas with fabric coating9/10$52008/10
8Drifta Stockton Wild Land 1.4220L x 150W x 16HAluminium honeycomb + 190g Rip-Stop Polycotton PU 2000mm8/10$31907/10
9iKamper Skycamp 2.0217L x 140W x 32HFRP Hardshell + Poly-Cotton Canvas8/10$53957/10
10Crazy Dog K9 Future-2210L x 140W x 30HAluminium infused composite + Wax convertors 10.9oz Dynaproofed Billabong canvas9/10$53007/10

Participation award for an entry level hard shell tent that does the job but not quite in the top 10. See my review for further information why this might be.

11Kings Grand Tourer MK2 235L x 147W x 29H5052 Alloy +  320GSM polycotton ripstop canvas6/10$24956.5/10

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