Buyers Guide to the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Aluminium Rooftop Tent

The Adventure Kings Grand Tourer is the cheapest aluminum hard shell roof top tent on the market. This tent is not on my recommendation list due to concerns over the weight, build quality, after-sales support (reputation), condensation, seals, and overall lifespan of the tent.

However, you do get a hard shell tent that functions, is affordable, and overall is not bad looking.

The price tag does come at a cost. As mentioned, the components and design are not of the highest quality which means it will struggle with the harsh and varying conditions of Australia. You are looking at a tent that is adequate for the job.

Because of issues in the first version, the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer is now in its second version (known as the MKII). It has had improvements to a number of key areas where the old tent designed failed, and it is good to see changes being made rather than flogging the same product to trusting customers.

If you have your heart set on a hard shell roof top tent but do not have $3k+ to spend, this may be your only choice. I recommend you do DIY upgrades to the tent where it is lacking i.e. seals, insulation, condensation, fastening components, and even consider raptor lining the exterior. Look into proofing the canvas as well as ways to reduce the likeliness of condensation from creeping into the tent.

Cheap and dirty but will do the job. Upgrade parts yourself for a more reliable tent!

Lets have a look at the tent in a bit more detail below.

Manufacturer:Kings (4WD Supa Centre)
Model:Adventure Kings Grand Tourer
Style:Hard shell
Photo Credit – 4WD Supa Centre


The Adventure Kings Grand Tourer roof top tent follows the same design principles as most other hardshell tents. Its lid is hinged from the front, has canvas walls with large access points, and an awning to cover the entrances.

The lid is made from 1.5mm aluminium which allows it to bear extra weight on racks. Recent upgrades to the tent have seen it be insulated, lined with carpet, and has storage pockets on the inside for phones, shoes, and clothes. They have made a neat little spot for tablets or phones so you can enjoy a movie without having to hold your devices.

A gas strut and heavy-duty hinges assist in lifting and setting the tent up, as well as an internal pole to lock it in place to prevent the lid from closing on windy nights.

An awning wraps around the front and sides of the tent, protecting it from direct sun or rain. This awning is actually useful for allowing the occupants to keep their doors/windows slightly open, even in full rain.

The Grand Tourer has a channel system both around the perimeter and on top of the tent. This not only allows the necessary components to be mounted but gives you the possibility to mount your own. You could install additional latches, an awning, lights, or solar panels directly to the channel system.

Recently updated fixes:

  • Double internal seal – help to improve a complete seal, reduce water from entering
  • Insulation – to help keep occupants cozy and prevent condensation
  • Stronger gas struts – make opening easier and stop the lid from closing
  • Stitched and taped seams – improving the build of the canvas tent

Set up time: 2 minutes

Photo Credit – 4WD Supa Centre

Size & Weight

Bulky is the first word that comes to mind when looking at the specs of the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer roof top tent. Weighing 93.5kg, this must be adequately supported by a strong roof rack system or canopy on the back of a ute.

Understanding your roof rack weight capacity is even more important when you add another 2 full-grown humans into it. You will want to research your set up and ask yourself the question “can my racks support 200kg+ static weight?”

It is unclear where exactly the bulk of the weight comes from, but my guess is from the aluminum exterior construction and the thicker (320gsm) canvas that makes up the tent.

This extra weight will put extra stress on your rack system, throw off your center of gravity, and can easily tip you over your legal Gross vehicle mass (GVM). Calculating and managing your vehicle’s weight is critical, so be sure this is not adding unnecessary fat.

In terms of dimensions, the tent is one of the longest on the market, making it ideal for taller campers. The design is not the most streamline when closed, measuring in at 29cm. This tent will add extra height (and weight) to your roof.

Weight:93.5kg (this is heavy)
Closed Dimensions:235 (L) x 147 (W) x 29 (H)
Open Dimensions:235 (L) x 147 (W) x 170 (H)
Photo Credit – 4WD Supa Centre


The shell of the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer is made up of 5052 aluminum sheets which provide a strong base structure. Being 5052 aluminum, it is able to withstand a lot of stress and is a good corrosive resistant material.

A 320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas makes up the tent and helps to provide a strong, naturally rot-resistant, durable, and breathable shelter. This same canvas is found in all the other Adventure Kings roof top tents which is tried and tested on many 4WD’s across Australia.

The screens are midge-proof.

External Material:5052-grade 1.5mm aluminum construction
Tent Material:320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas

Wait, what is 5052 grade aluminium?

Aluminium alloy 5052 is a material commonly used in sheet, plate and tube form that contains 2.5% magnesium & 0.25% chromium.

Now you might ask, what is so special about that? Well, because of its structure, the material has a medium static strength, high fatigue strength, good weldability, and very good corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmospheres (source: Austral Wright).

Photo Credit – 4WD Supa Centre


The Adventure King Grand Tourer does not come with many extra features, but those that do serve the purpose. A 75mm foam mattress is thick and comfy enough for a good nights sleep but many have added toppers to increase comfort.

The first version had issues with the carpet falling off the roof, but this has been fixed with added 50mm of insulation and finishing of marine carpet

A nice feature is that the lid has the capability to bear weight and has a roof mounting system so you can bring along extra surfboards, kayaks, or even mount a solar panel.

Internal pockets give you plenty of storage, but you will need to BYO power packs as the tent does not provide any internal lighting or power outlets like some others on the market. This is not a big deal, as you can easily hook up this DIY project yourself in a weekend.

Mattress:75mm foam mattress
Tropical Roof:No
Interior Lights:No
Load Bearing Roof:Yes – weight capacity unknown
Interior Power:No
Other:Fully insulated floor and roof – additional seal across tent front

2 year warranty

Internal storage

Can I leave bedding and pillows inside the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer?

The good news there is 13cm of internal space once the lid is closed which means you can leave some of your slimmer bedding in the tent when closed.

Be sure that when closing you are getting a complete seal in order to prevent water and moisture from entering. I recommend you remove bedding when it is not in use to get that complete seal and prevent an “oh shhh…” moment when you open it after 2 months of moisture seeping through a gap.

Known Issues

Based on customer feedback on, the following are a list of issues they have experienced with their purchase of the Grand Tourer roof top tent.

  • The lid does not close flush – does not provide a complete seal
  • Some rivets poorly fitted or damaged
  • Some rivets have silicone whilst others not – this should be consistent throughout
  • The lid can sometimes allow water to pool when closed
  • Condensation/moisture
  • Poor customer response

One customer was recommended to “air out the tent every 2 weeks” which arguably they should not have to do and is a result of poor design.

It is worth noting that not all customers have experienced the above, you just need to be aware that these issues may exist and to be patient with their support team.


Adventure Kings products do have a place in the Australian market but I would steer clear of expensive ticket items like the Grand Tourer roof top tent. I personally would rather buy a second hand Alu-Cab or Bush Company, or even save the extra pennies for a new high-quality product.

The build quality and average support really put me off this product. If you check out the reviews on you will see a number of unhappy customers with similar issues and complaints about support. If you are set on buying the Grand Tourer, just be mindful it may take time to get a call back when dealing with their warranties.

My motto when buying important camping gear like tents, safety equipment, vehicle components, etc. is to buy right the first time. You really do get what you pay for.

The poor man pays twice.

However, we cannot all invest thousands of dollars into a single tent. If you are committed to still buying the Grand Tourer, I would encourage you to make your own modifications to ensure those issues do not impact you.

> Comfort: 6/10

> Affordability: 8/10

> Build Quality: 5/10

> Overall: 6.3/10

Cheapest hard shell aluminium on the market
Comfy 75mm mattress
Quick set up time (2mins)
2 Year Warranty
Load-bearing roof
Questionable build quality (components breaking, rips/tears)
Post-sales support
Leaking when closed

Check out 4WD Supa Centre for more information about their products, and to find your nearest dealer today! <—

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