Dune 4WD Nomad Roof Top Tent Review

The Dune 4WD Nomad Roof Top Tent from Anaconda is one of the most underrated entry-level tents on the market. It hits the mark on major factors including price, customer service, functionality and build quality. So, if you are looking for a root top tent and don’t quite have deep pockets for a quick pitch roof top tent – this could be it.

A quick overview of why this is good for an entry-level roof top tent that won’t break the bank:

  • Good bang for your buck: typically this will be on “club price” sale and be under $1,000. I see this price being raised over the next year as it gains popularity.
  • Good support/warranty: Anaconda stores are in major cities around Australia and their customer service is top notch. If you have any issues or warranty claims, this process should be smoother than a smaller/hand crafted tent.
  • Functionality: the tent does what it says – it sets up quickly, has adiqute sleeping space, air flow and has a silver coated fabric to help deflect heat from the sun.

“Good entry-level roof top tent that will get the job done and go the mile.”

Manufacturer: Dune 4WD (Anaconda)
Model:Dune 4WD Nomad 120 & 140
Style:    Hardshell
Price:    120 Model: $899.00 (club price)
140 Model: $999.00 (club price)
Made:  China

Design, Size & Weight

The Dune 4WD Nomad is a slight combination of a hard and soft shell tent. The base comprises an aluminium slatted frame that provides the support, with aluminium arms that help hold the tent structure up. When packed, this is all neatly packed away in a heavy-duty PVC cover that takes 3-4 minutes to take off/put on.

It is designed to only open from one side. This is great for more camping setups that have a 270-degree awning or if you only use one side of your camp. Keep this into consideration when putting your build together as you will not be able to access from the rear of the vehicle.

This comes in 2 models; a 120 or 140 and is based on the width of the overall tent. Comparing these sizes to your everyday mattress:

  • The 120 just smaller than a double
  • The 140 just smaller than a queen

So, if you have little ones or you like some space to roll around, you will need to keep that in mind when making your purchase.

A big win for the roof top tent is the weight. Coming in under 50kg is a benefit for anyone that is conscious of the weight they are adding to the vehicle. This also makes the tents good for small vehicles and those with roof racks that cannot take much load.

Although the fit might be a little tight, the inside is rather nice with a window on each side and the roof. This means you will get a great view of the scenery and decent airflow.

Model:120 Model
Weight:46.5 kg (with ladder), 40.0 kg (without)
Closed Dimensions:225 (L) x 142 (W) x 30 (H)
Open Dimensions:217 (L) x 134 (W) x 95/134 (H)
Model:140 Model
Weight:56.0 kg (with ladder), 49.5 kg (without)
Closed Dimensions:225 (L) x 162 (W) x 30 (H)
Open Dimensions: 217 (L) x 154 (W) x 95/143 (H)


The roof top tent is comprised of 4 sections; the inner shell, floor, fly and cover.

The main inner shell is made up of a 190g Ripstop Polycotton (PU 2000mm) that has a silver coating to help with preventing heat from the sun. This material is lightweight, long-lasting and yet strong enough to resist abuse while on the road.

As mentioned above, there are 4 windows and a skylight with bug mesh that allows heaps of airflow to clear your tent of condensation and stank.

The fly that covers the tent while open is made from 210D Ripstop Polycotton (PU 3000mm) with a silver coating. This coating helps to deflect the heat from the sun, making it more comfortable inside the tent during those hot days. Thanks to the clever design and pressure from the gas struts, the fly is always taught but can be held down with guide ropes.

The floor of the tent is a tough 210D Polyoxford material that withstands the punishment of movement and slows down heat transfer.

Keeping the tent protected in transit is a 600g/1000D High-Density PVC cover. It is held on by a number of clips and straps, so there is no zipper to undo.

External Material:Aluminium Frame
Tent Material:Inner: 190g Ripstop Polycotton (PU 2000mm)
Cover: 600g/1000D High-Density PVC
Fly: 210D Ripstop Polycotton with a PU 3000mm with silver coating
Floor: 210D Polyoxford with a PU 2000mm


The Dune 4WD Nomad roof top tent is a bare-bones design and does not come with many extra features you get in the hardshell tents.

It does however offer a quick set-up with the aid of gas struts which pull the tent upright in seconds. This makes the camping experience so much more enjoyable that you do not have to fiddle with poles and pump up mattresses after a long drive.

The mattress would be one of the tents weaknesses as it’s only a 50mm high-density foam. Customers have opted for a mattress topper to improve comfort but find closing the tent a little challenging.

Getting into the tent is made easy by the telescopic ladder than be kept inside or in the vehicle when packed up. Attaching the ladder to the tent is easy with it clipping into place in to 2 nylon clips on the side of the tent.

Mattress:50mm high-density foam mattress
Tropical Roof:Yes
Interior Lights:No
Load Bearing Roof:No
Interior Power:No
Other:Fully insulated floor and roof – additional seal across tent front
2-year warranty
Telescopic Ladder
Two shoe bags

Can I Leave Bedding and Pillows Inside the Dune 4WD Nomad Roof Top Tent?

Yes, but it can sometimes be tricky to pack away with all your bedding inside. You will need to test spreading the pillows and sleeping bags in different areas of the tent at pickup to allow the aluminium poles adequate room to fold into place.

What Are Known Issues of the Dune 4WD Nomad Roof Top Tent?

I researched several camping communities and online reviews and found a couple of issues that some customers were facing:

  • Some found the cover was leaking when packed up. This could be due to improper closure, but unfortunately they opened tents to soaked mattresses.
  • Anothers had issues in strong winds where the entrance side would blow back into itself and collapse the structure. Customers worked around this my tying some rope to the owning and pegging it down. They also noted to face entrance on the opposite side of the wind (not always possible).


Overall, the Dune 4WD Nomad roof top tent is a great option for those on a tight budget and looking for a basic but quick set-up tent.

There is nothing fancy about it, but you will find the quality, price and customer support to be good. Combine this with its lightweight and compact design, the Dune 4WD Nomad can fit on most vehicles easily.

The only real hassle with this design is the PVC cover that needs to be unpacked and tucked away while set up. Other than that, you will find it reasonable and have a pleasant sleep.

For under $1000, I don’t think you will get a better roof top tent that has all the benefits of the Dune 4WD Nomad (if this does exist, please let me know!).

  • Comfort: 7/10
  • Affordability: 10/10
  • Build Quality: 8/10
  • Overall: 8/10
Extremely Affordable
Good post-sales support with Anaconda chain
Good with condensation
Some find the standard mattress uncomfortable
Unable to fit much bedding when closed
Entry only for 1 side
Soft cover, can’t mount anything on roof

If you are interested in the tent, please check out the Anaconda website or pop into your nearest store as this is “in-store only”.

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