Hoist for Roof Top Tent Mounting

Not everyone has the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the biceps of Chris Hemsworth to lift a roof top tent successfully onto their car, ute, or canopy. Roof top tents can weigh upwards of 80 kilos, so the thought of lifting a bulky roof top tent without scratching, denting, or smashing my window is enough to just throw the swag on the roof instead.

If hoisting and lifting a roof top tent onto your car is your biggest issue, then the Lift and Lock hoist system is right for you. The Lift and Lock is a lightweight, portable, and safe lifting device, capable of lifting loads up to 150 kilos, so it makes the ideal roof top tent hoist.

Because of its size and weight, the Lift and Lock can be mounted on the ceiling of the garage, on a carport or brought on road trips to help add and remove loads from a caravan or camper. The actual device itself weighs only 1.25 kilos, making it extremely lightweight and compact.

The genius of the system is in the design of the brake located in the upper sheave, the layout of the rollers in the sheaves and the simplification of construction and assembly. Its strengths are its portability and the auto locking system. Because of the auto locking system, hoisting a roof top tent will be safe and easy.

You could invest in an electric winch, but it’s static and not very versatile – it will do one job and stay in the garage or shed. With a Lift and Lock, you could leave it in your car and use it at work loading heavy equipment, lifting engine blocks, compressors, welders… the list goes on.


The Lift and Lock is the ideal roof top tent hoist for lifting any tent from floor to roof, it’s:

  • Simple – it can be operated by one person
  • Compact – small enough to be left in the car, toolbox or caravan
  • Strong – lifting loads up to 150 kilos will lift all roof top tents on the market
  • Safe – automatic locking system
  • Versatile ­– bring it onsite, on the farm, in the shed or as an emergency

Now you’re probably thinking; this all sounds good, but will the price give me a hernia (and not from lifting the tent?) The Lift and Lock is priced fairly at $99 and is an Australian local business.

If you’ve been having difficulty loading your roof top tent onto your car, the Lift and Lock would be perfect as your roof top tent hoist – check out the video to see how it works.

Check out Lift and Lock here for more details and to purchase.



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