Looking for tyres? Who is Tyroola?

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. They are literally the only part of the car that has contact with the road, so there is no reason to skimp out or push them beyond their limits. When the time comes to replace your tyres, you only really have a couple of options of brands/models at your nearest tyre shop. This is where Tyroola comes in.

Tyroola is an online tyre platform that lets you take advantage of their network of suppliers (tyre brands) and mechanics for a stress-free and dollar saving experience.

You simply enter in the specifications of your tyres (or desired) and Tyroola will show you a list of matching products. The extra bonus is you can book in at a nearby mechanic to have them fitted and balanced with pricing all up front and online.

How easy is that?!

My experience

My trailer tyres were starting to wear from being outside and primarily in the sun for all its life. It was time to replace my rubber! I jumped onto Tyroola, entered in the wheel specs and a whole list of wheel options came up. I decided to go for an all terrain tyre as I tend to take the trailer on dirt tracks when camping and wanted that added strength.

I found a brand that had good reviews and the price was fair. I then had the option of selecting where to have it installed and each mechanic had different prices and options (i.e. free fitting). I decided to go with my local mechanic and booked it in.

Choose a fitter

The tyres get sent from Tyroola’s warehouse network and go directly to the mechanics. They arrived in a couple days and mechanic quickly replaced the tyres and had my trailer back on the road.

The whole experience was amazingly simple and I will definitely be jumping onto Tyroola for mud tyres when mine go. It is worth doing your research and seeing the options online. The platform provided by Tyroola provides such an easy and simple solution!

An extra bonus is you can pay via different buy now, pay later providers too!

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