Motop Roof Top Tent Plus+

If internal space was an issue when looking at the Motop Roof Top Tents, then we have good news! They now have bigger versions, the Plus+ range.

The two model Plus+ will have more internal space and a higher profile that allows for greater storage of blankets, pillows, or the ladder inside when closed.

There is the MT-120 PLUS+ and the MT-135 PLUS+ both sharing the same length and weight as their cousin but with an increased height of 550mm.

The design has mostly remained the same, using the same tough powder-coated honeycomb aluminum panels but increasing the height dimensions.

This also means that all existing accessories such as mounts and awning brackets will be cross compatiable.

One thing to be careful of is your roof rack weight capacity. Be sure to research what your roof racks can hold static, moving and off-road. Having 78kg bumping around on the trails is very different from a life on the highway.

What is the Difference Between the Motop Roof Top Tents?

There are some noticeable differences between the models:

MT-120MT-135MT-120 PLUS+MT-135 PLUS+
Dimensions2170L x 1200W x 1450H2170L x 1350W x 1450H2170L x 1200W x 2000H2170L x 1350W x 2000H
Price as of 20/11/2020

To read about the original range, check out my Buyers Guide to the Motop Roof Top Tent here

Source: Motop Owners FB Group

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