Should I use Camplify? Is it Worth the Time and Money?

It’s no secret that Aussies love the outdoors. When presented with such a beautiful country as the land of Australia, it seems like an obvious choice to get outside and explore. The numbers back that up – the Caravan Industry Association of Australia reported in June 2020 that 19 million Australians are keen to stay in a caravan park. With the interest in caravan camping booming throughout the country, what are your options if you don’t own a caravan?

If you are looking to have an adventure but don’t have your own camper trailer, then look no further than Camplify. Camplify is an online service that allows you to hire campers, caravans, and RVs to suit your needs. It’s essentially the Airbnb, of camping – just type in what you need and let Camplify do all of the heavy lifting. 

How does Camplify work?

People who own campers and trailers list them for hire on the site. You can search for the right one based on a variety of different filters, including:

  • Destination
  • Number of guests
  • Pet-friendly
  • Type of vehicle
  • Hire type (drive, tow, deliver, stay)
  • Trip dates

When you use Camplify, all you need to do is type in all of your requirements, find the camper that suits your needs, and submit a request to book! It really is that easy. 

After your booking is approved by the vehicle owner, they will provide the exact pickup location and time. All you have to do is show-up, listen to their safety and usage advice, and hand over your license so that they can take a copy. Then, they hand over the keys and you are off!

Why use Camplify instead of just camp?

You may be wondering why you should spend money hiring a caravan rather than just pitching a tent. Whether you are someone who enjoys primitive camping or would prefer to stay in a 5-star resort, there are an array of options on Camplify that will suit your needs. Some of the best reasons to use Camplify include:

  • Test out the caravan experience without any long-term commitment
  • Save money by choosing a cheaper option than a resort or hotel
  • Access to amenities that you don’t get when tent camping
  • Save time on camp set-up
  • Suitable for families with small children
  • If you are considering purchasing a caravan, Camplify is a great way to test out different models before making your decision (see the article I wrote specifically about this here in buying a caravan/camper using Camplify)
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support

Caravans for every personality

In 2019, Tourism Research Australia reported that Australians spent a total of 59 million nights camping. That makes it the most popular option for Aussies, which makes sense based on its cost effectiveness and access to amenities. It’s a great in-between option that appeals to almost anyone – you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel, but you also don’t have to sleep in the dirt. That being said, caravans are not one-size-fits-all. Here, we will break down some options for what type of caravan might suit your needs best. 

For the new adventurer

If you are new to van-life or adventuring in the outback, Camplify provides a number of safety nets that will give you peace of mind when traveling for your first time. You can choose a van in the region you’d like to visit, communicate directly with the vehicle owner, and get assistance at any time if something were to happen. There are many options on Camplify that are great for beginners. We recommend going with a small RV, as it takes practice to tow a trailer and can wind up being very stressful for a total newbie. 

One option we recommend is the Winnebago Minnie Winnie, which is one of the smallest Winnebago models. It’s small size makes it easier to drive but it still provides all of your standard amenities, like a kitchen and bathroom. Look for something similar on
Camplify and you will be good to go!

For the “But I don’t camp” personalities

We all know and love someone who does not enjoy the outdoors. This is valid, as the outdoors do pose many types of discomforts, ranging from extreme temperatures, relentless mozzies, and unpredictable weather. However, there are so many positive aspects to getting outside – those who spend time outdoors report lower levels of stress, a greater feeling of connectedness to nature, and are all around just happier. So, a luxury caravan is a great way to ease any “not-campers” into the idea of spending time outside. If you are more experienced and are bringing along someone new (or perhaps you have small children) then we recommend going with an option that has all of the bells and whistles. 

Luckily, Camplify has an entire section of their website dedicated to luxury caravans, which means finding one is as simple as a couple of clicks. We recommend going with something like the New Age Caravans Road Owl. This trailer packs a punch with modern interiors, all of the amenities (even a TV!) and enough room for the whole family. Luxury caravans tend to be larger and heavier, so make sure that you have experience towing before you decide to go with this option. 

For the seasoned vets

So, you’ve already taken six months off and toured Australia? No problem! Then you already know about the unending possibilities that Australian adventures bring. Depending on your personality, you may be super into “roughing it” and like to experience the primitive aspect of camping without pitching a tent. Or, you may fall on the other end of the spectrum – you enjoy the newest and shiniest caravan on the market. You like to try out new amenities and be “in-the-know” when it comes to camping and caravanning. 

Depending on where you fall, we have a couple of recommendations. If you like to keep it simple, then a camper trailer is the right choice for you. Look for options like the Mars Rover, which is a hard-floor camper trailer offering basic amenities, an annex, and an awning. It takes a bit more set-up since you have to pop the tent out, but you will get the feel of primitive camping while still having access to a fridge and outdoor kitchen. 

If you are a seasoned vet who wants to try something new and luxurious, then go for something like the 2019 Malibu Wildtracker. Towing this baby is no easy feat, and you will need an SUV, towing mirrors, and an electric brake unit before heading out on your trip. 

The fine print

All hirers (so, you) need to go through license and ID checks before booking anything on the site. All of the vans that are listed on the site are insured by Camplify, so you are not responsible for purchasing any of your own insurance. As a hirer, Camplify also provides you with NRMA roadside assistance and 24/7 support in case you run into trouble. Depending on the type of vehicle you would like to book, you may need extra equipment such as an electric brake unit, but this is usually specified prior to booking.

Each van owner designates their own hiring requirements, such as the minimum hiring age and how far they will allow you to travel in their vehicle. When you request to book a camper, that does not guarantee that the owner will approve your request. Each request is reviewed and approved by the owner on a case-by-case basis. Camplify, like most web-based services these days, allows for hirers to leave reviews on the campers, so you can browse through other people’s experiences in a camper before you decide to book. 

Closing Tips

Overall, Camplify is a reliable platform that provides tons of variety for potential caravan hirers. It boasts a solid 3.5 out of 5 starts on, with plenty of satisfaction from past users, particularly around the ease of the caravan hiring process and communication with the Camplify Customer Service team. The biggest drawback to using Camplify is that you don’t actually know the person you are hiring from, and they don’t know you. There are bound to be miscommunications and mishaps, so the majority of negative reviews are about the interactions between hirers and caravan owners, not about the Camplify platform itself. 

It’s important to take courtesy into account and be mindful when you are hiring someone else’s vehicle. The more thoughtful and courteous you are, the better experience you are bound to have with Camplify. In addition, be honest with yourself about your abilities, and don’t be afraid to tell an owner that you aren’t sure how something works on their caravan – this will save you potential accidents and future headaches. 

Hiring a caravan with Camplify will save you money, give you the opportunity to test out different models, and give you access to amenities that you don’t get when tent camping. If this sounds like an interesting and exciting opportunity, then take advantage of using Camplify! There is no long-term commitment to hiring a caravan, and there are safety nets in place to keep you insured and protected when hiring someone else’s vehicle. Book your next caravan adventure through Camplify and don’t forget to let us know how your hiring experience went. If you are a caravan owner who has been hiring out your vehicle on Camplify, drop a comment to let us know how you have enjoyed the process!


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