v4 Motop Roof Top Tent Version 4

It is great to see changes happening in the v4 Motop roof top tent. These changes have been based on previous version owners feedback mostly around condensation, comfort and waterproofing.

Relased in early 2021, the new version will see a number of improvements:

  • Non-riveted roof: this will assist in preventing leaks and water from getting inside when closed and sitting.
  • Insulated top shell: better insulation on the top shell will allow for better comfort inside and improve how the tent handles condensation.
  • 60mm self-inflating mattress: help improve comfort as the previous model’s foam mattress left some restless the next day.
  • Upgraded Canvas: improved waterproof properties will see the tent perform better in wet conditions
  • New canvas colours: Motop introduced a sandy khaki colour to their range
  • Shoe bag and canvas roof liner bag: more storage for your worldly possessions and dirty kit
  • New roof liner: not only does the liner look better, but it helps with the condensation issues.
  • LED strip: let there be light!

These changes have come at a cost and we are seeing the price rise steadily over the lifetime of the roof top tent. The prices now (as of 19/03/2021) are:

MT-120: $3,299 // MT-120 Plus+ : $3,599

MT-135: $ 3,499 // MT-135 Plus+ : $ 3,799

So for an extra $300, you will be getting a little more internal space when closed and room for a comfortable mattress upgrade. I would highly recommend the Plus as it allows for you to keep your bedding and upgrade your mattress.

The tent is slowly moving into the price range of Australian built territory and it may be good to consider what the benefits are of shopping around. However, if this is still within your budget, the Motop v4 is a great addition to any campers kit.

Image Source: www.mwtoolboxqld.com.au
Image Source: www.mwtoolboxqld.com.au

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