What do 4WD Scrub/Brush Bars Do?

A 4WD can be loaded with different types of bar work to help protect the vehicle. Some can be purely aesthetic, but most serve a specific purpose: protecting the vehicle from impacts, scrubbing, brushing or damaging panel work.

Scrub or Brush bars are fabricated pieces of bar that protect the front quarter panels of the 4WD connecting from the front bar to the side steps. They are generally made of steel and provide protection when off-road by taking the impact or brushing against obstacles like trees, rut walls, or boulders.

How do 4WD side scrub/brush bars protect your vehicle?

The panel work on your vehicle can be delicate against impacts and costly to repair when damaged. Scrub bars are a smart investment to protect the panels against unforeseen bumps, scrubs or rubbing.

Similar to a bull bar, they are great for shielding against boulders, trees, muddy rut walls, or bouncing off a roo. It depends on how extreme you plan to go with your adventures, but they act as an extra level of protection against anything hitting your front quarter panels.

Instead of directly impacting the front quarter panels, your vehicle will “slide”, knock or rub against the object on the scrub/brush bars instead. This means the damage is isolated to a stronger (steel) bar that can take the load and typically is easy to repair or cover up.

The scrub/brush bars are easy to attach and remove, strong and provide peace of mind. This makes them ideal for the job in protecting your vehicle.

How much do scrub/brush bars cost?

Scrub/Brush bars can range from ~$800 up to $2,000 depending on the complexity and customisation required. Companies such as ARB, TJM, or Ironman manufacturer out-of-the-box products that easily connect to their existing bars/sidesteps.

You can also have custom fabrication work done to create scrub/brush bars for any set-up. Fabricators are a great source to have a rear set made up to protect the rear quarters.

If price is an issue, there are some generic scrub/brush bars on the market that are made in China and fit most mainstream bar work (ARB, TJM, Ironman).

Pros & Cons of 4WD side scrub/brush bars

Strengthen bull bar
Peace of mind!
Increased Weight (adds to GVM)

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