What’s the Best Portable Fire Pit in Australia

Toasted marshmallows, ghost stories and quiet beers; what do they all have in common? That is right, they are all activities done around a fire!

A warm fire crackling at your campsite is a highlight of any trip, but sometimes you can’t have a fire going because there may not be designated pits or it could be too dangerous where you’ve set up camp.

Well, that is where a portable fire pit comes in – not only can you cook on it, but you’ve got a fire pit off the ground, not destroying the campsites all whilst keeping you warm & toasty.

The Portable Popup Fire Pit by Fireside is an outstanding product. Retailing for $149 (currently $99 at BCF), the portable fire pit is compact, lightweight, quick to set up, and is a no-fuss product.

The Portable Popup Fire Pit weighs only 3.6kg and packs up to be smaller than a camping chair. Compared to other pits on the market, that is super lightweight and very easy to fit in the back of your truck, caravan, camper, or canopy.

The structure is constructed of aluminum and the mesh is stainless- steel. These materials are super robust, resistant to rust, lightweight, and built to last. Burning on a heavy-duty stainless-steel mesh means the fire gets perfect airflow, so you can enjoy a brighter, hotter fire with less smoke.

It is simple to set up and can be ready in just under 60 seconds without the use of any tools. The huge benefit of its constructed materials is that it can cool down in 90 seconds once your fire is extinguished, making it an easy and quick pack up and stow away.


The Portable Pop Up Fire Pit by Fireside is a must-have in any camp set up and one of the best fire pits on the market in Australia.

The perks:

  • Lightweight
  • Quick set up
  • Compact but big enough when set up
  • Has it’s own storage bag
  • Super affordable! Great value for money.

Overall, this portable fire pit is ideal for caravans, camping and for the backyard.

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