Why Isn’t my Engel Getting Cold – The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

When your Engel fridge suddenly stops working, a big, money sized pit in your stomach will begin to form. However, remain calm! There are several things you can do to check what the issue, cause, and solution may be to fix it yourself.

If your Engel fridge is not getting cold: check there is sufficient power, the fuse has not blown, that the connection has polarity and the cables are okay. You can also defrost the evaporator by letting the fridge sit, and clean the condenser and then turn it back on. If all else fails, locate your nearest authorised Engel service agent who will be able to help.

Thoroughly checking your fridge and your set up is critical to understanding what might be causing the issue. It could be anything from irregular voltage being supplied to the unit, to a faulty cable or blown fuse.

Newer Engel fridges do have a range of error messages that are displayed when the unit itself knows what the issue is. There are several things you can do to resolve this.

However, if you are in doubt, take it to the experts and find a reputable and authorised Engel fridge repairer for an ultimate opinion.

Checking your Engel Fridge for Issues

When your Engel fridge stops working or runs into an issue, the first thing you should do is check over the unit thoroughly.

You should check:

Where to CheckWhat to Check
Interior  is there any damage or rub marks that might have caused the issue?
Exterioris there any external damage?
Listen to the Compressoris the compressor running, is it irregular?
Display Unitdoes it display any message codes?
Cablesare they plugged in, do they sit snug, are there any issues with the wiring condition
12v power systemare you getting a good reading on the system?
240v power connection  is this connection snug, is there any issued with the wiring condition
Ambient temperature  is it too hot for the fridge? Does it have sufficient ventilation to keep it cool?

The best way to confirm a leak is by putting soapy water around the suspected area – bubbles will appear at the source if any. If there is a leak you will need to have it repaired by an authorised Engel fridge repairer.

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Engel Fridge

Once you have identified what the fault is, check out this list of possible causes and actions to take.

FaultPossible CauseAction
Compressor not workingNo power supplied Battery in poor condition. Faulty electronic unit. Electronic unit failureCheck if power is supplied to electronic unit.

Check fuse.

Check polarity of connectors and cables.
Interior not coldAmbient temperature too high. Insufficient ventilation Frost on evaporator Condenser cloggedKeep refrigerator sufficiently ventilated.

Defrost evaporator.

Clean condenser.
Cooling on 240v but not on 12vPlug/lead may need replacingTry a replacement lead and check the fuse if there is one in the 12v cigarette plug  

Check the battery connection in the 12v system to see if there is sufficient voltage.

Ensure you test it under load.
Compressor running but not coolingIssue with the compressorNote: try at your own risk – not approved by Engel  

Turn the fridge upside down with the compressor running for a couple of minutes.  

Then, switch it off and turn it back over and try again upright.
Fridge drawing too much powerBattery/FridgeStress/discharge test the fridge and battery system.  

Connect an amp meter to the circuit to display the current draw of the fridge.  

Have the batteries load tested to confirm if they are healthy

Engel Fridge Error Messages

Engel fridges can display several error messages. These are displayed if the voltage of the battery is low or there is a malfunction with the unit that the system can identify.

Operations will stop when an error message is displayed, and the fridge will go into standby mode to prevent any further damage.

If your fridge runs into an error code from the table below, we recommend seeing an authorised Engel repairer as soon as possible rather than trying to self-fix.

Error CodeDescriptionSolutions
DOT INDICATION Push “MODE” button ⇒ E-01 and currentAbnormal Input VoltageCheck whether the power voltage is too low.
E-04Ambient Temperature is too lowCheck whether the ambient temperature is too low.
E-05Temperature sensor cord is shortedContact service agent.
E-06Temperature sensor cord is openContact service agent.
E-07Abnormal Input Voltage (too high)Check whether the power voltage is too high.
E-08Temperature sensor cord is shorted. (Fridge side)Contact service agent.
E-09Temperature sensor cord is opened. (Fridge side)Contact service agent.
E-10FAN cord is opened. (Fridge side FAN)Contact service agent
Source: Engel Manual

It is not advisable to dismantle your Engel fridge as it is both hazardous and can void any warranty you may have on the unit.

Other Things to Try:

  • Defrost your Engel
  • Charge your battery with a charger
  • If it is working on 240V but not 12V my bet is it is not getting enough current

You can go to most auto stores or mechanics and they can load test your battery (just bear in mind they are testing high load cranking power).

Important Note When Getting an Engel Fixed Through Warranty

If you are doing a large trip (or lap around Australia), travel with proof of purchase. Some Engel service agents will not honour the warranty unless you have adequete proof of purchase.

What is proof of purchase? It can be either a copy of the receipt or a bank statement that shows your purchase.

Some customers have mentioned that completing the Engel warranty card was not enough for Engel to issue warranty work on. Be aware!

Do you have any tips or tricks for resolving issues with an Engel Fridge? Feel free to share them with us and our community!

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